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About me

I work on problems where technology can be used to share or redistribute power in democratic ways. Sometimes, the problems are to do with the way democracy itself works.

The term has rather gone out of fashion in software, but I see my skillset as being “full stack”. A good friend once said he was jealous of my ability to feel comfortable doing so many different things at once. Some people would take this as a “jack of all trades” insult. I see it as a way to explore and experiment with ideas and knowledge, and to try to get things off the ground so as to learn what’s possible. These types of ideas need all-rounders if they’re to have any chance at all.

Things I do

I conceive of, develop and run organisations, hire people, build propositions for and sell their products or fundraise to make them sustainable.

I research, think and write. Sometimes ideas, sometimes strategy, sometimes tactics.

I’m not a developer (though I have built software in the past) and nor am I product designer (though I sometimes do that) or product manager (though I do that type of work a lot). Overall, my goal is to make things that are useful.

In each of these areas, I know what good looks like.

Much of my work is done remotely (I have a young family and my wife works in the health service), but I do travel for work where in-person meetings or workshops are important.

Current work

  1. Who Targets Me, an organisation I founded and run, which works to improve digital political ad transparency.
  2. Join Together, a company setting out to make it easier to join trade unions.
  3. Consulting, where I help clients think through the opportunities and impacts of technology on their work. If you want to work with me, please get in touch.
  4. I occasionally speak or present on the topics above. If you'd like to invite me to your conference or event, again, please contact me.
  5. Career and life

    Clients I have worked with include: Which? The Royal Albert Hall, TUC, Prospect, UNISON, BSI.

    While at Blue State Digital, I worked on clients including Google, The Tate Gallery, Francois Hollande 2012, The Labour Party, Unite, 38 Degrees and many more.

    I have a First Class Honours in International Relations from LSE and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

    I also release records as the drummer of Fridge and Flywheel.

    Originally from London, I live in Cork, Ireland, with my wife and three children.